Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to HelpMeSue.com

We’re here to help you find a lawyer. Anonymously, and for FREE!

Finding legal representation is a long and expensive process. You have to find lawyers, schedule time with them and sometimes pay them to even listen to your story,… just to find out that they won’t take your case. What ends up happening is that only the wealthy and famous have time and money to get through this.

HelpMeSue.com is here to level the field and give you the same ability to find legal representation that the rich and famous have. But for free! With HelpMeSue.com, you don’t have to let the difficulties of finding a lawyer discourage you from looking for one. Just come to HelpMeSue.com, post up your case, and let lawyers contact you! We hide your email address and never pass it on to anyone. It’s entirely up to you, when you want anyone to have your email address.

We’ve all wondered if we could have fought back, after being taken advantage of. Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Find out, anonymously and for free! Let www.HelpMeSue.com help you.

It works like this:

1. Go to www.HelpMeSue.com, post your case, there's no need to register
2. HelpMeSue.com creates an anonymous email address for you.
3. Lawyers find your case and send an email to your anonymous email address.
4. You choose to reply or not.

Remember: by posting your case, you are asking lawyers to contact you. Since you’ve posted about your case, they’ll already be familiar with it. Once you post your case, the HelpMeSue.com community will be able to see it, and have the ability to comment on it. Often they will help you narrow down what additional information lawyers might need. At any time you can come back to HelpMeSue.com to delete or amend you case. Be sure to post in accordance with the HelpMeSue.com Post Policy and User Agreement.

HelpMeSue.com is not a lawyer, and does not give any legal advice. We help you find someone offering their advice. It’s up to you to accept any advice you receive, and HelpMeSue.com is not associated with it and can not be held responsible for it. What we do, is make it easier for you to find a lawyer.

We built the site because we know how hard it is to get a lawyer on your side. We can’t give you legal advice, but we aim to help you make a connection to someone who can!

Your HelpMeSue.com Team

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